Made In China

New versions of our ‘Made in China’ series of furniture. The work, featuring traditional Chinese furniture embedded with hand-carved wooden toys and finished in white lacquer, is a result of our extended stay in China as part of a collaboration with Contrasts Gallery of Shanghai.VIEW_MORE

We first showed this series of work at Design Miami last December.

Seemingly innocent children toys act as a kind of space invaders emerging from a world hidden inside our childhood memories. Specifically invading antique Chinese furniture, starting to threaten their traditional past.

Revealing a surreal and terrifying landscape of derailed trains, drowning babies, crashing planes and wild dinosaurs.

Questioning our self constructed environments, shaking on our make-believe worlds and throwing them off centre. Out of the confusion a far more powerful world develops, beyond the clarity of logic. Inside the chaos there is often another unexplored world, offering new possibilities in sense making.


by WOKmedia | May 23rd, 2007