Night Watch Shanghai

Aric Chen and Tobias Wong Creative Directors of 100%Design Shanghai invited Julie Mathias and Wolfgang Kaeppner of WOKmedia to create a temporary installation. VIEW_MORE

Night Watch is a large-scale lighting installation that uses the ancient Chinese art of inside painting where an image is reverse-painted through a small opening of a hollowed crystal ball.

The crystal balls are illuminated by automotive lights, resulting in a mesmerizing glow similar to animal eyes hit by a beam of light, which are as much watching us, as being looked at.

Canary Wharf first commissioned the installation in December 2007 as part of its annual winter lighting exhibition in Jubilee Park, London, to enliven the dark winter months.

After London the installation was setup temporarily during 100% Design Shanghai with courtesy of Contrasts Gallery and now has found a permanent place in Hong Kong.

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© WOKmedia

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by WOKmedia | June 26th, 2008